Recyclable Shrink: What is it and How Does it Work?

Elk introduces GreenLabel™ Crystallizable BlockOut, a groundbreaking recyclable light-blocking shrink sleeve. This innovative solution is available in both clear and white PET shrink film variants, offering brands a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality. Made from recyclable materials, this shrink sleeve minimizes environmental impact while providing excellent light-blocking, ensuring product freshness and longevity.



1. Blank Bottle

The journey begins with the production of blank bottles.

2. Labeled & Filled

Once produced, these bottles are labeled and filled.


3. Collected & Sorted

After use the bottles are collected and sorted for recycling.


4. Bottles Ground into Flakes

The collected bottles are then ground into flakes to prepare them for the recycling process.

5. Sink and Separate

PET flakes and labels undergo a separation process where the ink is suspended in a bath while the materials sinks.



6. Ink is Removed

The clean PET flakes and labels are pelletized for reuse.



7. New Bottle made with rPET

The second generation bottle is created from the pellets.

Understanding Shrink Sleeves

Made from various plastic substrates such as PVC, PETG, or OPS. They are designed to fit snugly around containers, providing 360-degree coverage. The application of heat causes the sleeve to shrink tightly, conforming to the shape of the product, whether it's a bottle, jar, or container. High-barrier film laminations provide superior protection against moisture, oxygen, and other environmental factors. This ensures extended shelf life and product freshness, particularly for perishable goods.

Versatility and Customization

They can accommodate a wide range of container shapes and sizes, making them ideal for products with irregular or non-standard packaging. Additionally, shrink sleeves offer extensive customization options, allowing brands to showcase vibrant graphics, detailed product information, and eye-catching designs, ultimately enhancing shelf appeal and brand recognition.


Application of Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves find application across various industries and product categories:

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is the Recyclable Shrink GreenLabel™ Crystallizable BlockOut suitable for all types of bottles?
Yes, it is designed to be compatible with various bottle types, offering versatility in packaging solutions.
2How does the light-blocking feature of Crystallizable BlockOut benefit products?
The light-blocking feature helps preserve the quality and integrity of light-sensitive products, extending their shelf life.
3Can the recycled PET materials be reused indefinitely?
While PET can be recycled multiple times, there may be limitations to its reusability based on factors such as quality degradation over time.
4Is the recycling process for PET materials energy-intensive?
Efforts are made to optimize the recycling process to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact.
5Are there any specific disposal instructions for products using this shrink sleeve?
It is recommended to dispose of products responsibly by separating them for recycling where facilities are available.

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