Stand-up Pouches

A stand-up pouch is a flexible packaging solution that stands upright when filled, thanks to its bottom gusset. This unique design allows the pouch to remain stable and stand tall on retail shelves, maximizing visibility and shelf space utilization. Stand-up pouches are typically made from layers of flexible materials such as plastic, foil, and paper, offering excellent barrier properties to protect the contents from moisture, oxygen, light, and other external factors.

Flat Bottom Gusset

The bottom gusset provides stability and structure to the pouch, allowing it to stand upright even when filled with product.

Sealing Mechanism

Stand-up pouches offer a variety of sealing techniques like heat sealing and zip-lock closures, ensuring freshness and security during storage and transport.

Printing and Graphics

Stand-up pouch exteriors serve as branding canvases displaying high-quality, vibrant graphics, logos, and product details, capturing consumer interest on shelves.

Customizable Stand-Up Pouches

Our stand-up pouches are available with a range of customization options, including various sealing techniques such as K-seal, plow, doyen, flat-bottom, and side gusset seals. Additionally, we offer features like standard or powder-proof zip-lock, tear-notches, clear windows, and glossy or matte coatings to enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

Experts in Sustainable Packaging

Elk is proud to have brought the first compostable stand-up pouch to the natural food industry, winning the 2015 Natural Products Expo West "Nexty" Award for best packaging. We also offer a fully recyclable stand-up pouch — recyclable at store-front drop-off locations nationwide. 

PCR and Compostable Options

PCR and compostable materials have different environmental impacts. PCR conserves resources, while compostable materials utilize organic waste. We have the experience to help brands make the choice between these sustainable options, which will depend on product requirements, brand values, and other factors.

Large Range of Sizes

Elk Packaging offers a wide range of sizes from 1oz to 5 pounds.



Elk Packaging is certified by IFS Global Markets for PAC SECURE and BPI Compostable standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are stand-up pouches suitable for liquids?
Yes, stand-up pouches are versatile and can effectively contain liquids such as juices, sauces, and beverages without leaking or spilling.
2Are stand-up pouches environmentally friendly?
Compared to traditional counterparts like cans, jars or bag-in-a-box, stand up pouches have a lesser carbon footprint.
3Can stand-up pouches be customized for specific product needs?
Absolutely, stand-up pouches offer various customization options such as different sizes, shapes, materials, and features like zippers, or clear windows to meet specific product requirements.
4How do stand-up pouches compare to other packaging options in terms of shelf life?
Stand-up pouches typically offer excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light, which can help extend the shelf life of products compared to traditional packaging options.
5Are stand-up pouches cost-effective for businesses?
Yes, stand-up pouches often require less material and energy to produce compared to rigid packaging like bottles or cans, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses. Additionally, their lightweight nature can reduce shipping costs.

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