What is PCR Paper Packaging?

70% Mixed Content and 100% PCR CCNB/CCKB, 98% and 100% recycled content corrugated.

Understanding PCR Paper

PCR Paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials. It's made from recycled content, reducing environmental impact by reintroducing waste into the production cycle.

Composition of PCR Paper

PCR Paper is made up of 70% Mixed Content and 100% PCR CCNB/CCKB. This blend contains up to 98% recycled materials in its corrugated components. This helps to minimize waste and makes PCR Paper a sustainable packaging solution that conserves valuable resources.

Advantages of PCR Paper

PCR Paper is eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, reducing the need for new resources, conserving energy, and minimizing carbon emissions. It is also biodegradable and has minimal environmental impact at the end of its lifecycle. Despite being environmentally friendly, PCR Paper is durable and strong, just like traditional packaging materials.

Sustainability Impact

PCR Paper has a big sustainability impact. It diverts waste from landfills, reduces the use of new materials, and is biodegradable, making it an eco-friendly solution for packaging needs.

At Elk Packaging, we are at the forefront of promoting sustainable packaging solutions. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in our extensive use of PCR Paper across our product lines. By incorporating PCR Paper into our packaging solutions, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also inspire others to embrace sustainable practices.

Packaging Formats

Hang Tags, Mailer Boxes, Folding Cartons, Trays, Counter Displays, End Cap Displays

Finishing Options

Post-consumer recycled CCNB (Clay Coated News Back) and CCKB (Clay Coated Kraft Back) paperboard is 100% recyclable and features an exceptionally smooth surface for high-quality printing.

PCR corrugated can be directly printed with soy-based inks or labeled with recyclable materials to be 100% recyclable.

Appropriate Products

Secondary Packaging for Tea, Cookies, Snacks, Alcohol, Cosmetics, Supplements. Box Store Pallet Program Displays (Costco), Sidekicks, Mailers, Shelf Displays.


SB 54 is a landmark packaging law that requires 100% of packaging in the state of California to be recyclable or compostable by 2032. This means a 25% cut in plastic packaging and 65% of all single-use plastic packaging must be recycled.

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