Our flexo-graphic division offers high-definition printing for small and wide web formats. We offer up to 10 color printing, using water-based, solvent-based and certified compostable inks and coatings.

Our off-set and lithographic division offers up to 8 color printing using water-based, soy-based or UV-based inks. This allows us the flexibility to print on multiple substrates from foil-paper to 100% recycled paper.


Packaging has been the backbone of Elk for over 30 years. We can create any type of packaging you need, including folding cartons, stand-up pouches, flexible films, custom printed corrugated shippers, litho-laminated boxes, fully decorated corrugated POP displays, and more.

Structural Design

All packaging starts with structural and functional design.  We take pride in providing innovative packaging solutions that catch the eye of the consumer.  We help our customers with material selection, defining barrier requirements, innovative structural design, and more.


Complete Packaging Solution

You only need to place one phone call for all of your printing and packaging needs. We provide truly turnkey packaging solutions with excellent service, competitive pricing, and guaranteed quality. In addition, Elk is leading the way to bring exceptional sustainable packaging solutions to the packaged goods industry.